The second additional protocol of 4th April 2007 to the Contracting area of Internal Molise

The second additional protocol concerns a new entrepreneurial initiative with 11,391 million euro of investments including a public contribution valid for the regional resources of the "Program ex.... to learn more...

The first additional protocol of 5th July 2006 to the Contracting area of Internal Molise

This protocol concerns: 13 new entrepreneurial initiatives with the investments of 34,3 million euro including the investments with the public contribution as a consequence of the remodulation that... to learn more...

Contracting area treaty "Internal Molise" of 22nd June 1999

Contracting area of Internal Molise concerns the areas of the productive settlements of the respective industrial zones of Isernia-Venafro and Campobasso-Bojano as well as the equipped areas of... to learn more...

Second additional protocol

The information concerning the procedural way of the second additional protocol has been published.
The complete documentation is available in the project section

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