Contracting area treaty "Internal Molise" of 22nd June 1999

Contracting area of Internal Molise concerns the areas of the productive settlements of the respective industrial zones of Isernia-Venafro and Campobasso-Bojano as well as the equipped areas of Bojano, Trivento, Frosolone, Monteroduni, Carpinone, Pettoranello, Sessano del Molise, Macchia di Isernia and Sesto Campano.

The productive initiatives included in the Contracting area concern several sectors and they are mainly small and medium-sized, the case of cement works and waste recycling industry excepted.

There are 37 initiatives that are provided with a total investment of approximately 391 billion lire and a public contribution of 193 billion lire for the creation of about 1373 new jobs.